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Why the Boomerang Re-Brand is Awesome!


  1. It’s a sign that Turner is actually starting to give a crud about this channel.
  2. It’s something different than those smegging toy bumps.
  3. It employs the font Teaspoon Regular.
  4. It means those toy bumps have been retired after 14 years.
  5. It’s colorful, making decent use of yellow, blue, magenta, purple, black and white. The colors, Duke, the colors!
  6. It’s bright, fun and whimsical. We like bright, fun and whimsical, OK? Big whoop. Wanna fight about it?!
  7. It signifies Boomerang going global, unifying with all of the international Boomerang feeds. We are the world.
  8. It signals Boomerang’s ascension into being a full-scale sister channel to Cartoon Network with original programming aimed at kids and families rather than being just an ad-free afterthought with no new or original shows like it’s been in the past. Here’s hoping they don’t drop the ball big time like The Hub did.
  9. It’s the end of those %$@&*%@#&#*#!!! toy bumps.
  10. It means we can see spots like these:

Now if we can get some decent shows out of this deal, we’re in for some good times.

EDIT: It turns out that Turner hasn’t made any actual attempts improve Boomerang. They just threw on a fresh coat of paint, gutted 9/10 of their schedule and added 1 or 2 new shows. Boomerang is still just a recycle bin for Cartoon Network to dump its’ older shows and the 3rd party acquisitions that they don’t care enough about to put on their main channel, only now they air some of CN’s proven hits and their schedule consists of 5 shows instead of 20. So the new look is awesome, but the channel itself is still circling the drain.



  1. So far (and I know this isn’t fair since it’s been less than a week since the channel re-branded), the best things about the Boomerang re-brand are the bumpers. They’re bright and colorful and call me a nerd, but I enjoy graphic that makes use of geometric shapes.

    The lineup so far, I have to say, isn’t that great. There are far too many airings of “The Tom & Jerry Show” and “The Garfield Show”, but that of course may change over time. I don’t to bandwagon jump on this yet, because I’ve been burned too many times in the past. I believed in The Hub and that channel turned out to be a major letdown. I’m taking a “wait and see” approach to the “new” Boomerang. I think that the potential is definitely there, but Boomerang needs to step out of Cartoon Network’s shadow and establish it’s own identity before it become a contender.


    • Totally agreed, Goldstar. It’s airing way too many shows that already currently air on CN. Do we really need Gumball and Teen Titans Go on both networks? If I wanted to watch those shows, I’d just tune in to CN; they already saturate the schedule.


  2. silverstar

    Keep in mind that Da Boom has only just rebranded a couple of days ago–literally a couple: 2. Supposedly the new shows will start rolling in come February. But yeah, here’s hoping the wait will have been worth it.


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