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Why Spike is Awesome!

  1. He’s a dragon, and dragons are naturally awesome.
  2. He’s purple.
  3. The fillies love him. Play on, playa!
  4. He’s voiced by Cathy Weseluck.
  5. He once went super villain in order to ruin an owl.
  6. He can belch out correspondence scrolls.
  7. He’s got Rarity’s phone number on speed dial.
  8. He has an eye for spotting fine jewelry and precious stones, then eating them.
  9. He’s got that stylin’ green head fin.
  10. We’ve seen that in the future, he’s going to grow up to be a giant, badass fire breather.


  1. It's Cathy Weseluck.

    Anyway, here's something else: He turns into a puppy in an alternate universe, and is the most adorable thing ever as a pup! X3


  2. Max Gilardi voices him better.


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


  4. One reason why I prefer Cathy Weseluck's Spike voice is because with Ms. Weseluck Spike actually sounds like the kid that he's supposed to be. No offense to Charles Adler, he's a great voice actor, but whenever I hear him voicing Spike, I inevitably think of Buster Bunny now.


  5. I never heard of Max Gilardi, but upon Googling his name, I'm guessing he voiced him in fan-made videos or something?


  6. Max Gilardi is an animator on Youtube called hotdiggedydemon, and he made his own Pony parody show Pony.MOV. He voices half of the characters in the series, including Spike, who's a stoner in his show. It's dumb, but it's the enjoyable kind of dumb that can be hilarious.


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