Monthly Archives: May, 2012

The Leftovers: Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and The Hub

As those of you who regularly follow this blog already know, Goldstar and I discuss Cartoon Network and its’ shows a lot here. Some of you may be wondering why there isn’t much discussion about the shows on the other kids’ entertainment/animation channels Nick and Disney on Astral City. The answer is simple: we really …

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Talkin’ Nerdy: Robot Chicken Dungeons & Dragons Sketch Gets an F

I’m sure that most of us here are already familiar with the Adult Swim stop motion animated sketch comedy series Robot Chicken, created by Seth Green and Matt Senriech (sorry if misspelled your last name, Matt), so I wont go into that. ¬†Anyway, RC has done numerous parodies of popular toys, games and TV shows, …

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