Monthly Archives: March, 2011

Don’t Just Stand There…DO Something!

You know what’s been grinding my gears lately? These nonstop internet threads, rants and YouTube videos of people whining, “I want my old Nickelodeon back!” or “I want my old Cartoon Network back!” These things have been sprouting up like weeds online; I’m currently on 2 message boards, and invariably, we’ll get a “ways to …

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Team Snycher Fails Again!

Cartoon Network’s weekly ratings are in, and it looks as though CN’s Hall Of Game Awards from Friday February 25, 2011 scored a rating of 1.4. Yes, that’s right. 1.4. Now, I know that we shouldn’t derive pleasure from others’ misfortune, but I have to say, from a spectator’s standpoint, and also speaking as an …

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