Neat Stuff: Funny Company SWAG

As you know, we’re fans of 1963’s The Funny Company.


Funny Company Cast

“We’re sunny, we’re funny…get used to it!”

While the show only ran for a single season, it was nonetheless popular enough to release some pretty sweet merchandise. Today Neat Stuff showcases some cool Funny Company SWAG.

First, this storybook entitled Super Chief in the Big City. In it, the gang goes out for a fun day on the town, where Super Chief’s unique speech patterns lead to shenanigans ahoy.

funny company book 1

funny company book 2

No Jasper, the entire Funny Company is not here. One member curiously absent from this book is club treasurer Merry Twitter. She’s the only member of the central cast to be be passed over in this manner. What happened? Was the author not a Merry Twitter fan? Or was there a one day sale at the Burger Barn and she had to take advantage of it?

Next, another book, Shy Shrinkin’ Violette, with resident creep Belly Laguna creepily lurking in the background.

Shrinkin Violette

Keep an eye out for the sequel, Baron Bad-Touch and his Stolen Ice Cream Truck of Wonders.

Next, a Funny Company Attache case.

Funny Company Attache Case

Funny Company Attache Case 2

Show up at your next Weekend Warriors paint ball retreat with this bad boy. I dare ya.

Next, a Funny Company jack-in-the box.




Super Chief Jack in the Box

Oh look, the Jack is Super Chief. Does it emit a loud train whistle sound that causes your ears to bleed? If not, total waste of money.

Finally, a Shrinkin’ Violette doll.


Clearly, the show’s producers considered Violette to be the media darling of the show; given also that the later episodes depicted the gang venturing to Hollywood for the purpose of making Shrinkin’ Violette a movie star. (Violette was cute and all , but I thought Jasper N. Park, Merry Twitter and Terry Dactyl were more interesting characters, just sayin’. Where’s the Terry Dactyl plushie?)

The Powers That Be made missed a huge opportunity here. They could’ve come out with a big Funny Company clubhouse play set…


…Complete with little plastic figurines you could play with a la the Amiibos…


Or Disney Infinity.

-Now if someone were to make a Disney Infinity style Funny Company toy box game, then I’d be happy.

2 Funny: Wally Gator in “Alligator Liberation”

Today’s 2 Funny is one of my personal favorite Cartoon Network Shorties (the ones for Atom Ant and Droopy being the others). I’ve said this before, but I’d really like to see Turner make more of these (maybe they could be uploaded to Boomerang Online, since CN isn’t in the classic business anymore and no one really knows what Boomerang is supposed to be anymore). Here’s “Alligator Liberation”.


Some of my favorite bits:

  • Wally’s line “I’m thinking cable’s out of the question” gets me every time.
  • I like how the “savage” gators talk like erudite gentlemen with Thurston Howell III accents.
  • I think the female hippie animal activist is kind of cute.




“TMI, Man!”

Neat Stuff: Looney Tunes Racers

Two things that I loved growing up were…

Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes characters

and cars.


So wouldn’t it be great if someone were to make some toys of Looney Tunes characters in customized cars? Thankfully someone did.

Looney Tunes Racers 2

A toy company known as ERTL made a set of die cast toy cars featuring the classic Looney Tunes characters. I first became aware of ERTL and these toys in 1989 when I saw this commercial on TV.

Now, I was 20 in 1989, so when I saw this ad, my reaction was “That’s cool,”, but if kid me had seen this, it would have been more like….

I have to wonder why Tweety and the Road Runner would need to drive cars when the former can fly and the latter could easily out run a car, but this isn’t Talkin’ Nerdy, so I should stop thinking so much.

Looney Tunes Racers

Anyway, these are nicely sculpted figures. I like the deigns and the colors. As was seen on the commercial, there are only six of them: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Sylvester, Road Runner and Tweety. To my knowledge, there weren’t any more made, so I have to ask ERTL, why did you stop there? Why not expand the toy line to include some other LT characters? How about Yosemite Sam in a monster truck (I had a dream once where I saw that toy in a Kay Bee)? Taz in a bulldozer? Marvin the Martian in a flying saucer? Lola Bunny in a convertible? Elmer Fudd in a stretch limo (after all, he owns a mansion and a yacht)?

While researching these toys, I discovered that ERTL also made some Looney Tunes die cast figurines.

Looney Tunes Figures by ERTL

…So it looks like I need to pay Ebay a little visit. Hey, guys…

Fry money meme

Startopia: How We Got Here

Back in May 2016, Nerdvana introduced you to the future society of Cyber City.

Jason and I are big fans of Utopian futures and sci-fi stuff, so we’ve both been itching to delve further into this amazing future world, and since we’re currently experimenting with new stuff right now, why not devote a new recurring segment to it? Hence our latest segment, Startopia. All about life in the distant fictional future…all the way to the year 3000.


-NOTE: The first 2 or 3 Startopia entries will be more of an expository nature, but that’s generally not how I plan for these to go; these will just be to establish this world and what to expect in it. If, knock on wood, we get to do more Startopia entries, if all goes according to plan, expect them to become more character and shenanigan-focused as they progress. Now, let’s begin.


Back in ancient times, back when people still put ice in their drinks, video games only played in 3 dimensions, pizzas were still flat and round and gangster rappers roamed the lands, things were pretty dicey. Society was sorely divided among warring factions.


“Right!” “Left!”

“Black!” “White!”

“Red!” “Blue!”

“Traditional!” “Progressive!”

“Force!” “Diplomacy!”

“Isolationism!” “Globalization!”

“Uniformity!” “Diversity!”

“COKE!!” “PEPSI!!”

People were so mired in their internal conflicts that they barely noticed them the day they came.

Flying Saucers 2

No one saw them coming. They just appeared in the sky. Flying saucers. (Cliche, yes, but that’s what they were.) There were 7 of them, one for each continent. For 3 days they just hung there in the sky. People tried making contact, armies tried blasting them, but they deflected everything and didn’t budge an inch. Then on a Thursday, just as everyone was settling down to watch Cash Cab, the ships suddenly sprung to life all at once and intercepted every TV and satellite signal on the planet (including public access and the Cooking Channel). This is what they said:


“Greetings, Earthies. We are the senior emissaries from the Democratic Order of Planets, or DOOP for short. For the past 4 days we have been monitoring your world, after receiving word that your planet existed and that there was said to be intelligent life on it (someone read this on a tabloid).”


“Now for the purpose of our arrival: Your world is what you’d call a Goldilocks Planet, positioned at a safe distance from your sun and capable of supporting and sustaining numerous forms of life, a rarity among the cosmos.”

Nexus Point

“Even rarer, your planet is on a key nexus point in the galaxy, on the direct path of travel and commerce between several worlds affiliated with DOOP.”

Future Fueling Station 3

“Our plan is to establish a set of intergalactic fueling stations on your Earth, so space travelers will be able to safely re-fuel their starships while traveling between worlds, and possibly grab a snack and get some minor repair-work done while they wait. Normally, in exchange for housing these stations, we would give the host planet enormous advances in science, technology and medicine, ushering said world into a new Golden Age of enlightenment and prosperity.”


“But not the way you yahoos act! We’ve been watching you guys these past few days, and your society is all F-ed up! You use every piddling detail you can think of to act really crappy to one another! You prejudice against each other because of what color your skin is?? Please! On my planet people come in 10 colors, and guess what? NOBODY CARES!”


“Yeah, you guys basically suck, but we’re reasonable beings, so we’re prepared to make you an offer: you have 365 of your Earth days, that’s one year, to clean up your collective act. Dissolve these pointless factions, unite as a people and repair the damages your stupid bickering has caused to your societies. If you do this, we’ll install the fueling stations and introduce you to the wonders of the cosmos and all that good stuff. If you don’t, well, we’re just going to vaporize your entire population, then after we’ve swept your remains away, we’ll just put the stations here anyway. Your planet can be re-terraformed, you guys can’t!”


“Oh, and one more thing: don’t try any of that Independence Day BS. Your weapons are useless against us. In fact, any act of hostility by any of you will be considered a breach of our agreement and we’ll just vaporize you right then and there! It’s a simple equation, folks: EVOLVE OR DIE. Emissaries out!”

God May Not Be Through With You Yet...

Naturally, at first there was panic in the streets.

But after the predicted strings of rioting and suicides, the intelligent people did get the idea that whatever side they happened to fall on, it wasn’t going to matter if everyone was dead. So all of the remaining populace put in what is now considered the hardest piece of work in recorded history. With just weeks to spare, World Peace was finally declared.

Google Doodle March 31st

“We…are the World.”


It’s amazing what you can accomplish when faced with the threat of global annihilation!

Utopian City 2

The aliens were true to their word. Not only did they not wipe us out, but they did indeed treat humanity to HUGE advances in technology, science, medicine and agriculture. Over time, Earth became a technologically advanced, environmentally friendly Utopia where all the world’s nations merged into one, and crime, poverty and diseases were all systematically eliminated (the common cold was eradicated in 2034, then the rest of the illness all fell like dominoes).


The DOOP fueling stations were installed on Earth. As a result, many alien species began regularly passing through the planet, and several of them opted to stay, making Earth their new home. Today, in the year 3000, the planet Earth is a galactic melting pot, home to numerous alien species. This is the inevitability of cleaning up the place…

Alien Tourist

Once you make the world safe and clean, you open it up for the tourists!

Pop Dream #6: Lincoln Loud

Ooh! Look over here!

Look sticker

Pop Dream is back, baby!

Stone Cold Steve Austin - Hell yeah!

Yes, I was so impressed by Damon’s mini series that I decided to tackle this myself. In this mini series, the show I’ll be covering is….The Loud House!

The Loud House - Family Portrait

Smile for the camera. Think of how great it will be when you’re old enough to leave home.

If you’ve read the previous set of Pop Dreams, you already know how this goes: Pop Dream covers five categories:

  • Overview
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Funnier Moments
  • Conclusion

What’s going to make this particular one a little different is the issue of numbers. There are no less than 11 Loud siblings, and as such, I’m going to cover them this way; I’m going to discuss Lincoln first, then each of his sisters will be covered two at a time in descending order by ages and by their sleeping arrangements. This way, there will be 6 segments in total.  If I did each character individually, I’d be doing this well into the end of the year, and keep in mind that I am lazy!

That said, let’s begin Pop Dreaming!

As previously stated, I’m going to start off by discussing the shows’ central character, and also the only Loud brother, Lincoln Loud!


“Boys rule and girls…aren’t so bad once you get to know them.”


Lincoln stands out among his family in a number of ways. He’s the shows’ central character and as such, most of the episodes are shows from his perspective. He’s the most grounded member of the main cast and he sometimes talks directly to the audience in the manner of Clarissa Explains It All. Most notably, Lincoln possesses something that none of his sisters have: a Y chromosome.

Cho Aniki


At 11 years old, Lincoln is the middle child and only son of the Loud family. Lincoln often speaks to the viewers about how he gets around his often-chaotic household, the insane antics of his sisters, and other things he does. Along with Lucy, he’s the quietest of the 11 Loud siblings. He’s also the only Loud sibling who has his own room (actually, a refurbished linen closet, but it still counts).


Lincoln seems to have a fondness for the color orange. His daily outfit consists of an orange polo shirt. His pajamas and his swim trunks are also orange.


However, Lincoln’s most noticeable feature is his white hair. He is the only member of the Loud House who’s hair is this color (save for Lucy, who has black hair). No explanation has been given as to why Lincoln’s hair is white. Some fans have speculated that Lincoln may be an albino, but series creator Chris Savino has stated that this is not the case.


“It’s probably brought on by stress! You try sharing a house with a bunch of cute girls sometime! It’s hard being the meat in a kawaii sandwich!”

Loud House - many-faces-lincoln-loud-16x9

Also, have you noticed that the cowlick on Lincoln’s hair never moves? It’s always on the same side of his head, regardless of which direction he’s facing. Why? Because cartoons!

Charlie Brown angry

“At least he didn’t have to join the Hair Club For Men at age 8! Yeah, life’s fair!”


Lincoln is an enthusiastic and charismatic boy. Although in some occasions he can be selfish, Lincoln is a good-hearted boy, who is always looking for fun, and thinking about the well being of others. Lincoln is an avid fancier of comic books, manga, video games, fantasy and science fiction stories, which are typical interests for a boy his age.

He is known to be “the man with a plan”, as he is usually elaborating plans with a specific objective, most of them for his own benefits. His plans rarely succeed because of his own selfish and reckless decisions or by his sisters’ interference. When he goes too far, he will always find the solution even if that means humiliating himself. One rather peculiar habit of his is reading comic books and manga while in his underwear.


“I’ve gotta feel the breeze between my knees!”


“What’s wrong with that? Running around wearing nothing but your shorts is perfectly natural!”

Loud House - Mother_and_son_hug

Here’s a pic of Lincoln hugging his mom. I don’t have a joke here, it just gives me the warm fuzzies.


“In Tents Debate”. Lincoln is the tiebreaker to decide where to go for the big family vacation, and his sisters try to win him over to their sides.  He allows the girls to collectively butter him up so he’ll decide on their choice. They proceed to wait on him hand and foot.


It’s…the…good life…


I don’t know why Lincoln wanted his toenails painted, but who am I to judge?

“The Loudest Yard”. Lincoln’s mother Rita Loud (Get it?) Tries to get Lincoln to get engage in some physical activity. In this episode, Lincoln says “Sports aren’t my thing.” I identify with that.

The Loudest Yard 1

In one scene, Rita attempts to show Lincoln that exercise can be fun “Whee!” (Yes, she really said ‘Whee!’)

The Loudest Yard 2

The Loudest Yard 3

It turns out that Lincoln has taped one of his comic books to Rita’s butt. I think that I enjoy this scene more than I should.

“Linc or Swim”. After Lincoln and his sisters get banned from every pool center near their home for various issues, he purchases a kiddie pool for himself without his sisters’ knowledge. Unfortunately, his sisters take over the pool.

Linc or Swim

“Family togetherness. We’re full of it!”


Lincoln may not be the funniest character on the show. He may not be the most dynamic or charismatic, but he’s a very necessary character. He’s the glue that keeps the show together. The calm at the center of the storm. Lincoln is Alex Reiger (played by Judd Hirsch on Taxi). It’s hard to dislike the kid. When following story, you begin to share Lincoln’s frustration and in turn, you want him to succeed. Lincoln can be eccentric also, but sometimes the show needs to have a grounded character in order to get things accomplished and Lincoln provides that. As the only boy in the Loud House, Lincoln will always stand out among his siblings, and for that, we salute you. Here’s to all the guys forced to live in a house full of girls!


“OK, so that happened.”

Next time: Lori and Leni. Keep Pop Dreaming.